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Advertising trends at DCX 2017: from smart investment to continuing training.

Advertising trends at DCX 2017: from smart investment to continuing training.

Paris, Frankfurt – 2017-08-10

At the Digital Advertising Pavilion, exhibitors at WAN-IFRA's DCX Digital Content Expo (Berlin, 10-12 October) will present the latest trends and solutions for a wide range of advertising offerings. The parallel conference programme offers additional insights, with expert presentations, case studies and the winners of the World Digital Media Awards.

Advertising remains a fundamental component of online news media revenue. By visiting the Digital Advertising Pavilion, as well as the wider programme of DCX, media executives will have an opportunity to both understand new trends and find new solutions. The whole show in Berlin, from 10 to 12 October 2017, will be packed with ideas and insights from technology partners and advertising experts.

Branded content, contextual advertising, affiliate marketing, out-stream video, mid-roll, header bidding– these are just a few of the recent trends in digital advertising. The DCX Digital Content Expo, and the Digital Advertising Pavilion in particular, is aimed at all publishers looking to grow ad revenue and keep pace with the continually changing technological landscape.

New products on the radar 

The market is changing fast. Publishers need to be familiar with new targeting options being introduced to the market, such as time- and geo-targeting. New developments in personalisation allow ads to be enriched with a personal video message or photo gallery. Upcoming technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) have evolved fast, adding an extra digital dimension to classifieds or display on print.

But ad tech is meaningless without the right infrastructure and processes in place. Good technology partners can help align CMS and ad server technology. Experts from adsdaq, AdSpirit, Evolver Services, HUP AG, ProcSet Media Solutions, Proxistore and Sapro have announced that they will present their latest advertising systems and ad services at the exhibition. The CMS exhibitors offer more ad integration than ever before. And many other exhibitors support ad production, selling and publishing with their products.

Conference topic: ad sales and operations 

Publishing ad execs can learn more by attending the parallel Expo conferences. For example, talks cover automation of ad production, better operations, and wider process improvements – not least the selection and training of the sales team.

Combining print and digital sales remains a big challenge for all traditional publishers. “If you make the packaging of the digital products easier to understand to the advertiser and the sales reps, and if you infuse them better, you can get more print sold and more digital sold and higher market share,” says Mike Blinder, President and Founder of the Florida-based Blinder Group and a speaker in Berlin.

In his speech at the "Print World" conference, Blinder will give recommendations on how media executives can successfully position their sales teams and how they can integrate digital components into their existing product portfolio (Wednesday, 11 October 2017, 3.30 pm, session title: “New Print Business”, Conference Stage).

Award winning case studies

Another conference session about “New Revenue Pillars” will show three US case studies concerning the changing mix of revenue, including advances in subscription models, an update of programmatic advertising and the evolution in native ad units (Wednesday, 11 October 2017, 1.30 pm, Conference Stage).

The session „Digital Success Stories“ will present three profitable European digital powerhouses as new role models (Thursday, 12 October 2017, 1.30 pm, Conference Stage).

Furthermore, the World Digital Media Awards – with the category "Best Digital Advertising Campaign including Branded Content" – are an inspiring showcase for digital advertising. The “Best Of The Best” are drawn from WAN-IFRA regional digital media awards in Europe, Asia, Latin America, India, Middle East and Africa, and will be announced on Tuesday, 10 October (3.30 pm, conference stage).

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From 1970 to the present day, the IFRA World Publishing Expo remains the must-attend annual event for newspaper and news media executives. Exhibitors at IFRA World Publishing Expo include innovative suppliers to the publishing industry who present solutions and products that help boost efficiency, lower costs and increase margins. At Expo, there will be presentations on key trends and experts discussing the hottest topics in news publishing. The new DCX Digital Content Expo, heldconcurrently with IFRA World Publishing Expo, presents ideas and solutions for content creation and distribution over mobile, social, online and new emerging digital platforms. The combination of an international marketplace and a high-quality conference programme makes IFRA and DCX the place to be for media companies and digital publishers.


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