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Antonia & Theresa Neubauer

Antonia & Theresa Neubauer

Founders, Carry-On Publishing GmbH & sisterMAG, Germany

sisterMAG is the idea of the sisters Theresa (Thea) and Antonia (Toni) Neubauer. While the older sister Toni was working in the field of Mobile Internet for six years, the younger sister Thea studied Publishing in Leipzig and Design in London. Both fields of knowledge are brought together for the digital-only magazine sisterMAG.

Published bi-monthly, sisterMAG covers topics ranging from fashion, technology, digital trends to food, DIY and other lifestyle issues. sisterMAG addresses a group of women, who has been neglected by many traditional publishing houses so far. These are widely interested, well-educated, independent women who are enthusiastic about the digital world and who want to read intelligent information presented in an appealing design.

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