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65th World Newspaper Congress


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65th World Newspaper Congress

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  • 02 Jun 2013 - 05 Jun 2013


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Sunday, 2. June 2013

  • 13:00
  • 13:00

    Gain strategic insight or improve data journalism projects: learn aobut the skills and tools you need to find, analyse and visualise data for improved storytelling. Using development data sets we will show you where opportunities lie and how to replicate. This session is made possible by a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    Investigative Journalist, OpenData Advocate and Entrepreneur, South Africa

  • 14:00

    Technological innovations are transforming the digital advertising landscape. The round table will discuss the consequences of these disruptive changes brought about by advertising networks and real time bidding and the role of publishers in this new ecosystem.

  • 16:00

    The New Media Landscape and its Press Freedom Challenges. The evolving media landscape gives rise to new challenges for press freedom, particularly around the issues of soft censorship, media and internet regulation and the locking up of information. How should the media entrench its watchdog role in the face of these new challenges?


    Kavi Chongkittavorn, Advisor, National Press Council of Thailand

  • 18:00
    World Ballroom, Centara Grand









    Thai publishers and the city of Bangkok welcome you to the 65th World Newspaper Congress, 20th World Editors Forum and 23rd World Newspaper Advertising Forum in the heart of Asia. This is an opportunity for an informal meet and greet with friends and peers from around the globe as the world's news publishing industry gathers for its annual meetings.

Monday, 3. June 2013

  • 9:00
  • 10:00


    Pichai Chuensuksawadi, Chairman of Asia Pacific Committee, WAN-IFRA


    Opening Address:

    Jacob Mathew, President of WAN-IFRA



    H.E. Kittirat Na Ranong, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance


    Golden Pen of Freedom Presentation:

    Erik Bjerager, President of World Editors Forum

  • 12:00

    List of Exhibitors

    Followed by welcome luncheon

  • 13:30


    Thomas Jacob, Chief Operating Officer, WAN-IFRA

    World Press Trends 2013

    The annual update on trends in news publishing worldwide, from WAN-IFRA’s World Press Trends survey, the most authoritative source on industry wide data for circulation, advertising, digital audience and more.

    Vincent Peyrègne, CEO, WAN-IFRA


    Panel: Around the world in 60 minutes

    In this fast-paced session, leading news executives from Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas will discuss the key trends that drive their strategies and plans.


    Mike Savage, Editor, The Asia Media Journal, Hong Kong


    Patrick Daniel, Editor-in-Chief, English & Malay Newspapers, Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore 

    Tobias Trevisan, CEO, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), Germany

    Amadou Mhatar Ba, CEO, African Media Initiative, Kenya

    Michael Chalhoub, CEO, Sport360, UAE

    Boris Lohzkin, President, UMH Group, Russia

  • 15:30

    One of the United States largest media and marketing solutions companies, Gannett, publisher of USA TODAY, has launched a new digital strategy to fully leverage its relationships with customers and advertisers.

    Robert Dickey, President US Community Publishing, Gannett Company Inc., USA

  • More and more publications have been introducing online paywalls, hoping they might revolutionise online business models and bring much needed revenue. Discover a variety of concepts and lessons learned from experiments and implemented strategies worldwide.


    Dr. Stig Nordqvist, Executive Director, Publishing & Digital, WAN-IFRA


    Paid content global strategies

    The Norwegian Media Association has published a report about the different ways to charge for content online. What are the best models for small, medium and large media groups? Case studies from around the world.

    Geir Engen, Digital Director, Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association - MBL, Norway


    Journalism doesn’t end with a paywall

    The Globe and Mail launched a metered paywall in October 2012, and one positive effect has been the strengthening of The Globe’s journalism. From creating premium products to highlighting value-added features, John Stackhouse will showcase how a paid content strategy can invigorate a newsroom.

    John Stackhouse, Editor-in-Chief, The Globe and Mail, Canada


    Metered subscription and multi-platform model of FT

    Discover how FT’s solutions were implemented and the customer insights that followed. Learn of their current situation and results.

    Caspar de Bono, Managing Director, B2B, Financial Times, UK


  • 18:00

    This glamourous networking event is always a Congress highlight and definitely not to be missed. Seated within an open atrium you will be captivated by outstanding performances from Bangkok artists and musicians. While dining on Asian delicacies, the Gala Dinner will provide the perfect setting to unwind with friends old and new.

Tuesday, 4. June 2013

  • 8:50
  • 9:00
    World Advertising Forum

    The increased competition for eyeballs has led to several innovations – augmented reality, QR codes, 3D printing, scented ads, translucent wraps etc. What is next?


    Craig Hobbs, CEO, The Media Alliance, Singapore


    Latest research and creative innovation in advertising

    A showcase of some of the most innovative ads launched in the past year by newspaper companies from around the world.

    Suzanne Raitt, VP Marketing & Innovation, Newspaper Canada, Canada


    From a single product into a multi-platform company

    Star Publications has implemented technology innovations (such as the Augmented Reality iSnap app) and a wide asset diversification strategy in order to increase its advertising yields across various media platforms.

    Roshan Thiran, Director of Operations, STAR Publications, Malaysia


    2016: Beyond the horizon

    A thought provoking presentation on the digital and mobile revolution and how it will change the way we live and consume media - much more than most of us could ever imagine.

    Andreas Vogiatzakis, CEO, Omnicom Media Group, Malaysia

  • 9:00

    H.E Yingluck Shinawatra, Prime Minister of Thailand

  • 11:00
    World Advertising Forum

    360° selling approach focuses on effective multiple media packages. Most newspapers no longer sell single products. The sales structure has to be revamped to bring in digital experts as well as co¬operation with editorial. Media houses with internal marketing agencies can effectively cater to small and medium businesses.


    Geoff Tan, Head of Strategic Marketing, Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore


    Increasing traffic and building audience online

    Sport360 started as an English print publication but rapidly gained momentum online thanks to its community-based website which engages with sports enthusiasts from across the MENA region. Its speedy growth in advertising revenue has been eased by an expansion of its digital portfolio, with the launch of a new Arabic website and the creation of innovative events in its field.

    Michael Chalhoub, CEO, Sport360, UAE


    Answering the call of today’s advertisers!

    Marketing an extensive suite of media touchpoints does not only entail piecing together flighting plans comprising print ads, radio/TV spots, banners/leaderboards and the like. It also encompasses well thought-through strategies that answer advertisers’ briefs in terms of both consumer engagement and involvement. Publishers need to bring a whole new level of consultative selling, fuelled to a major extent by ideation, imagination, invention, and consultation, to the table.

    Geoff Tan, Head of Strategic Marketing, SPH, Singapore


    Best practices in 360º sales team organisation

    Showcase of various case studies from newspapers across the globe, demonstrating how a revamping of the structure of the sales organisation, the sales rep commission plan and the workflow can really improve revenues in print and digital.

    Peter Lamb, Strategic Marketing  Consultant, USA


  • 14:00
    World Advertising Forum

    Understanding the audience and measuring the engagement is key to monetizing this asset. How to create touch points across your content portfolio to gain customer insight and increase ARPU? How can publishers aggregate, leverage and control their data? A 101 on how data collections work and how to turn this gold mine of information into increased advertising revenues.

    Moderator: Jim Chisholm, Newspaper Consultant, Chisholm, France


    How Big Data can accelerate news media’s imminent recovery?      

    This presentation will review the encouraging trends that are emerging in news media consumption and revenue generation and demonstrate how the use of big data make publishers more successful, richer and faster.

    Jim Chisholm, Newspaper Consultant, Chisholm, France


    Towards Big Data

    Big scale project from day one or small steps towards Big Data? Nordjyske Medier has chosen the latter and reaps the fruits from many smaller projects where data is used in new ways. From new dialogues with customers to context based campaigns - there are many benefits on the way to Big Data.

    Henrik Bruun, Head of Circulation, Nordjyske Medier, Denmark


    Integrating print and online metrics

    The transformation of publishers from print media into multiplatform distributors of quality content has set a new challenge for global audience measurement. A look at what is being done globally, from passive mobile measurements to fusing readership samples with on-line measurement samples.

    Andrew Green, Chief Marketing Officer, Ipsos, UK

  • 16:00
    World Advertising Forum

    The advent of digital classifieds and competition from pure players has had a huge impact on print classifieds. However through organic growth or through acquisitions, smart media companies have played the game correctly to build a strong position in digital space. Panelists will discuss the current “state of the art” in classified advertising: the role of print in the future of classifieds; the trends shaping both print and online classifieds; the way mobile platforms are transforming the classified landscape and what are the opportunities for news publishers in the future.


    Peter Zollman, Founding Principal, AIM Group, USA


    Eugen Russ, CEO, Russmedia, Austria.

    Johnson Goh, Head & VP Online Classifieds, SPH, Singapore

    Shaun di Gregorio, CEO, iProperty, Malaysia

    Sanjeev Bikhchandani, Founder and Executive Vice Chairman, Naukri, India

Wednesday, 5. June 2013

  • 8:50
  • 9:00
    World Advertising Forum

    Monetising mobile platforms through techniques ranging from contextual advertising, location-based advertising, in-app advertising and sponsorship models will be addressed in this session.


    Dr. Stig Nordqvist, Executive Director, Publishing & Digital, WAN-IFRA


    Monetising mobile the Motown way

    For fulfilling content and advertising opportunities, the critical factor is the means of production. With insight from 1930s Detroit - plus examples from the best of today’s mobile and tablet innovators - Matt Kelly presents the essential checklist for any publisher looking to create a powerful and sustainable mobile commercial strategy.

    Matt Kelly, Former Publisher Mirror Digital and Publishing Consultant, Cases i Associats, UK


    The evolution of AR within community newspapers

    Glacier Media made 40 newspaper and B2B titles interactive with augmented reality. It increased engagement and created a new revenue steam through upselling ads.

    Peter Kvarnstrom, President of BC Community Media at Glacier Media


  • 11:30
    World Advertising Forum

    For publishers, the two most valuable assets are content and audience data. The digital ecosystem is full of players who mine this data and resell the premium inventory. How can publishers retake control? Publishers’ networks like the Danish Publishers Network, La Place, PPN etc. are collaborating to erect datawalls to prevent data leakage and cut out the middleman. With real time bidding, some of these networks are able to realize far superior yields. Can this model work in other regions?


    Craig Hobbs, CEO, The Media Alliance, Singapore


    Powerful cross-media campaigns with “second wave” digitalmedia

    Schibsted has gained a unique and insightful experience in selling efficient cross-media campaigns which integrate tablets, mobiles and web TV. Schibsted now receives half its advertising revenue from digital products.

    Anders Berglund, Head of Sales, Aftonbladet, Sweden


    The power of publisher partnerships

    Nearly a year ago, four major media groups joined forces to create LA PLACE MEDIA the 1st Premium Media Adexchange in France. What are the key factors of success? What are the benefits of the alliance model? How to monitor sales channel conflicts? How to fight data leakage?

    Gilles Guillou, Chief revenue Officer, LaPlace Media, France


    Advanced ad inventory yield management

    De Telegraaf has changed its sales organisation and implemented an innovative technology for improving workflow efficiency and display advertising performance.

    Martin van der Meij, Head of Revenue Development, De Telegraaf, Netherlands

  • 14:00


    Pichai Chuensuksawadi, Editor in Chief, Post Publishing, Thailand

    The future of the Internet

    Conversation with Steve Crocker. The Internet pioneer known as one of the founding fathers of Internet, will discuss issues such as the future o f the internet, internet and security, Internet and the media...

    Steve Crocker, CEO and Co-Founder, Shinkuro Inc., US


    The future of journalism

    The author of What would Google Do? and Public Parts discusses the impact of the new media economy on the way news are produced and monetized . Provocative thinking and disruptive business model proposals for the future of news publishing.  

    Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine, USA


    Global report on innovation in newspapers

    The annual presentation of the Innovations in Newspapers World report, prepared for WAN-IFRA by the team from Innovation Media Consulting, is always one of the highlights of the Congress. The presentation will be illustrated with case studies from all over the world.

    Juan Señor and Team, Innovation Media Consulting, UK

    Closing comments

  • 18:00
    Sampran Riverside, Nakorn Pathom

    Limited availability! Seats are on a first serve basis.

    The Sampran Riverside offers visitors a quick immersion into traditional Thai culture. You’ll enjoy Thai customs and cuisine in a classic village setting with hands-on activities and workshops. Ever wonder how to make silk? Want to try your hand at pottery? Or learn the art of making herbal compresses? From Thai boxing, bamboo and farmer dancing to rice planting, you’ll be invited to join these activities and be entertained by local performers during the Congress’s Folk Night.







Contact information



  • Frédéric Filloux
    Head of Digital, Les Echos, France
  • Robin Hu
    Robin Hu
    CEO, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong
  • Peter Kvarnstrom
    President of BC Community Media, Glacier Media, Canada
  • David Hedengren
    Publisher and Editor in Chief, Your Middle East (
  • Jonathan Halls
    Adjunct Professor, The George Washington University and Principal, Jonathan Halls & Associates, USA
  • Javier Moreno Barber
    Javier Moreno Barber
    Head of Global Content, PRISA media, Spain
  • Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer
    Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer
    Chief Executive Officer, Grupo RBS, Brazil
  • Gilles Guillou, Chief Revenue Officer, La Place Media, France
    Gilles Guillou
    Chief Revenue Officer, La Place Media, France
  • Vincent Peyrègne
    Chief Executive Officer, World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA)
  • Geoff Tan
    Senior Vice President, Head - Strategic Marketing, Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore
  • Tobias Trevisan
    Tobias Trevisan
    Managing Director, FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Gmbh, Germany
  • Robert Dickey
    President US Community Publishing, Gannett
  • Lisa MacLeod
    Lisa MacLeod
    Head of Operations,, UK
  • Peter Lamb
    Peter Lamb
    President, Lamb Consulting, USA
  • Roshan Thiran
    Roshan Thiran
    Director of Operations, STAR Media Group, Malaysia
  • Ahmet Dalman
    Ahmet Dalman
    Vice President Executive Committee, Hurriyet Group, Turkey
  • John Stackhouse
    John Stackhouse
    Editor-in-Chief, The Globe and Mail
  • Marcelo Rech, Director of Journalism, RBS Group, Brazil
    Marcelo Rech
    Director of Journalism, RBS Group, Brazil
  • Michael Chalhoub
    Founder, Gulf Sports Media FZ-LLC, UAE
  • Anders Berglund
    Anders Berglund
    VP of Sales, Schibsted, Sweden
  • Sanjana Hattotuwa
    Sanjana Hattotuwa
    Senior Researcher and Head of Media Unit, Centre for Policy Alternatives, Sri Lanka
  • Amadou Mahtar Ba, Chief Executive, African Media Initiative (AMI)
    Amadou Mahtar Ba
    Chief Executive, African Media Initiative (AMI). Co-founder and Chairman, AllAfrica Global Media. Inc – Owner and Operator of
  • CEO and Co-Founder, Shinkuro Inc., US
    Steve Crocker
    CEO and Co-Founder, Shinkuro Inc., US
  • Manfred Werfel
    WAN-IFRA Deputy CEO, Germany
  • Chavarong Limpattamapanee
    Chavarong Limpattamapanee
    Chief of Information Centre, Thairath Daily Newspaper, Thailand
  • Madhav Chinnappa, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Google
    Madhav Chinnappa
    Head of Strategic Partnerships, Google, UK
  • Kylie Davis
    Network Editor, Real Estate, News Ltd, Australia
  • David Rowan
    David Rowan
    Editor, WIRED Magazine, UK
  • Andrew Green
    Andrew Green
    Global Chief Marketing Officer, Ipsos
  • Suzanne Raitt
    Suzanne Raitt
    Vice President, Marketing and Innovations, Newspaper Canada, Canada
  • Anette Novak
    Anette Novak
    CEO, Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, Sweden (Moderator)
  • Johnny Ryan, Chief Innovation Officer at The Irish Times
    Johnny Ryan
    Chief Innovation Officer, The Irish Times, Ireland
  • George Brock
    Professor and Head of Journalism, City University, UK
  • Craig Smith
    Managing Director, The New York Times, China
  • Ole Mølgaard
    Ole Mølgaard
    Program Director, CBS Executive, Denmark
  • Jim Chisholm
    Jim Chisholm
    Media Consultant and Analyst, France
  • Patrick Daniel
    Editor-in-Chief, English & Malay Newspapers
  • Jacob Mathew
    President, WAN-IFRA and Executive Editor and Publisher, Malayala Manorama Group of Publications, India
  • Boris Lozhkin
    Boris Lozhkin
    President, UMH Group, Ukraine
  • Kevin Beatty
    Kevin Beatty
    CEO, dmg media, Daily Mail & General Trust (DMGT), UK
  • Thomas Jacob, Chief Operating Officer, WAN-IFRA
    Thomas Jacob
    Chief Operating Officer, WAN-IFRA
  • Andreas Vogiatzakis
    Andreas Vogiatzakis
    CEO, Omnicom Media Group, Malaysia
  • Cherilyn Ireton, Executive Director World Editors Forum, WAN-IFRA
    Cherilyn Ireton
    Executive Director World Editors Forum, WAN-IFRA
  • Philippe Massonnet, Global News Director, Agence France-Presse, France
    Philippe Massonnet
    Global News Director, Agence France-Presse, France
  • Ulbe Jelluma
    Marketing Manager, Print Power Europe, Belgium
  • Justin Arenstein
    Justin Arenstein
    Investigative Journalist, OpenData Advocate and Entrepreneur, South Africa
  • Siddharth Varadarajan
    Editor, The Hindu, India
  • Zaffar Abbas
    Zaffar Abbas
    Editor, The Dawn Media Group, Pakistan
  • Peter M. Zollman
    Peter M. Zollman
    Founding principal, AIM Group and Classified Intelligence, USA
  • Mark-Oliver Multhaup
    Managing Director / CEO, WAZ NewMedia
  • Markus Pettersson
    Markus Pettersson
    Project Manager, Stampen, Sweden
  • Dipankar Das Purkayastha
    Managing Driector & CEO, ABP Pvt Ltd, India
  • Andrew Holden, Editor-in-Chief, The Age, Australia
    Andrew Holden
    Editor-in-Chief, The Age, Australia
  • Erik Bjerager, President World Editors Forum
    Erik Bjerager
    Second Vice President World Editors Forum, Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director, Kristeligt Dagblad, Denmark
  • Henrik Bruun, NORDJYSKE Medier, Denmark
    Henrik Bruun
    Head of Circulation, NORDJYSKE Medier, Denmark
  • Larry Kilman, Secretary General, WAN-IFRA, France
    Larry Kilman
    Secretary General, WAN-IFRA, France
  • Guy Crevier, President, La Presse, Canada
    Guy Crevier
    President, La Presse, Canada
  • Suthichai Yoon, Chairman, Nation Multimedia Group, Thailand
    Suthichai Yoon
    Chairman, Nation Multimedia Group, Thailand
  • Caspar de Bono
    Caspar de Bono
    Managing Director B2B, Financial Times Ltd
    Group MD & CEO of Star Media Group Berhad (“the Company or “Star”)
  • Todd Forest
    Executive Producer Asia Pacific, Microsoft Online Media and Publishing, Singapore
  • Javier Garza Ramos
    Javier Garza Ramos, Knight International Journalism Fellow, Mexico
  • Eugen A. Russ
    Eugen A. Russ
    Managing Director/Owner, Russmedia, Austria
  • Kavi Chongkittavorn
    Kavi Chongkittavorn
    Advisor, National Press Council of Thailand
  • Martin van der Meij, Head of Revenue Development, TMG, The Netherlands
    Martin van der Meij
    Head of Revenue Development, TMG, The Netherlands
  • Shrijeet Mishra
    Shrijeet Mishra
    COO, Bennett Coleman & Co, India
  • Lisa Blakeway, Executive Director, Vuselela Media, South Africa
    Lisa Blakeway
    Executive Director, Vuselela Media, South Africa
  • Geir Engen
    fagsjef for digitale medier, MBL, Norway
  • Supakorn Vejjajiva
    Supakorn Vejjajiva
    President and COO, Post Publishing, Thailand
  • Jeff Jarvis, Director of the Interactive Journalism Program, CUNY
    Jeff Jarvis
    Director of the Interactive Journalism Program, CUNY
  • Juan Señor, Partner, Innovation International Media Consulting Group, UK
    Juan Señor
    Partner, Innovation International Media Consulting Group, UK
  • Matt Kelly
    Matt Kelly
    Publishing Consultant, Cases i Associats, UK
  • Randy Covington
    Director, WAN-IFRA Newsplex Training Centre - South Carolina, USA
  • Nathalie Alvaray
    Nathalie Alvaray
    Vice President Media, Cadena Capriles, Venezuela
  • Mirjana Milosevic
    Head of Media Development, WAN-IFRA
  • Sarah Marshall, Social media editor for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Wall Str
    Sarah Marshall
    Social media editor for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Wall Street Journal, USA
  • Eskoensio Pipatti
    Eskoensio Pipatti
    Focus Area Director, Research programme Next Media

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