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12th International Newsroom Summit


12th International Newsroom Summit


12th International Newsroom Summit

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  • 08 Oct 2013 - 09 Oct 2013

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Breaking Down Barriers

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for editorial and commercial success.


  • Alan Pearce
    journalist, broadcaster and author

    Alan Pearce is a journalist, broadcaster and author specializing in cyber-security and counter-...


  • Robb Montgomery
    International journalist
    Robb Montgomery is an international journalist based in Berlin, Germany, and is the author of the...
  • Alan Pearce
    journalist, broadcaster and author

    Alan Pearce is a journalist, broadcaster and author specializing in cyber-security and counter-...

  • Alison Smale
    Berlin Bureau Chief, The New York Times

    Alison Smale came to Berlin in Aug. 2013 as chief correspondent for The New York Times for...

  • Anthony De Rosa
    Editor-in-Chief of Circa
    Anthony is the Editor-in-Chief of Circa.

  • Chris Blackhurst
    Group Content Director of The Independent and Evening Standard

    Chris Blackhurst is Group Content Director of The Independent and Evening Standard.  He...

  • Diego Zúňiga García-Falces
    Art Director, El Correo, Spain

    Diego Zúñiga García-Falces is the Art Director of  El Correo in Bilbao. He has a degree in...

  • Ebele Wybenga

    Amsterdam-based journalist Ebele Wybenga (1987) writes about contemporary culture, brands, and...

  • Galina Sidorova
    Chair of the Board of Founders, Foundation for Investigative Journalism – Foundation 19/29, Russia and Chair of the Executive Board, International Press Institute (IPI).

    Graduate of the Journalism School, University of International Relations (Moscow) at different...

  • George Brock
    Professor and Head of Journalism, City University, UK

    Professor Brock became Professor and Head of Journalism at City University in September 2009....

  • Jochen Wegner
    Editor-in-Chief of ZEIT ONLINE

    Jochen Wegner is Editor-in-Chief of ZEIT ONLINE, Germany’s highest quality online news site. The...

  • Kerry J. Northrup
    Turner Multimedia Professor, Western Kentucky University, USA, and Chief Editorial Officer, The Newsplexer Projects

    Kerry J. Northrup is a career journalist and international media executive who specializes...

  • Leandro Gejfinbein
    Head of Market Intelligence and Analytics at, Brazil

    Responsible for providing analysis and information reports to support different levels of...

  • Marc Jungnickel
    Manager Web TV,, Germany

    Marc Jungnickel studied history and English before training as a journalist at the Cologne...

  • Mariana Correa Esteves
    Product Development Manager,, Brazil

    Responsible for product strategy and development for Brazil's number one hard news website -...

  • Michael Jarlner
    International Editor, Assisting Chief Editor, Politiken

    Michael Jarlner is International Editor and Assisting Chief Editor at Politiken. Jarlner has a...

  • Peter Littger
    PremiumMedia Content Consulting, Germany

    Littger is a Berlin-based journalist and strategy consultant for publishers of premium and paid...

  • Steffen Konrath
    Managing Director, Editor in Chief, Liquid Newsroom, Germany

    Steffen Konrath has a background in computer science and marketing and more than 16 years...

  • Wolfgang Krach
    Editor-in-Chief, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany

    Wolfgang Krach is currently Editor-in-Chief of Süddeutsche Zeitung, the largest selling national...

  • Erik Bjerager
    Second Vice President World Editors Forum, Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director, Kristeligt Dagblad, Denmark

    In February 2011, Erik Bjerager, Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director of the Danish national...

  • Dr. Mario García
    CEO and Founder of García Media, USA

    Mario is the CEO and founder of García Media. He is also the Senior Adviser for News Design/...

  • Raju Narisetti
    Senior Vice President & Deputy Head of Strategy, News Corp, USA

    A digital media executive with a measurable track record in creating, rethinking and managing...

12th International Newsroom Summit

Explore how to break down barriers to optimise your newsroom for editorial and commercial success! Join editors and experts leading the digital media revolution for one and a half days of networking, discussion and case studies. It’s an investment that will help you:

  • Rethink your boundaries: geographic, platform, audience, team;
  • Remap your newsroom, its tools, people and processes;
  • Remove traditional, outmoded walls;
  • Reskill for a mobile future and any further digital disruption.


The Summit will highlight the latest trends in newsroom TV, sponsored content, security and surveillance as well as mobile storytelling. Our speakers will present which newsroom walls need to come down to enable true integration and which should remain to preserve integrity.


14:30 - 14: 40 Welcome

Wolfgang Krach, Deputy Editor in Chief, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany

Erik Bjerager, President World Editors Forum, Denmark

Presentation of World Young Reader Prize for Editorial to Avisa Nordland, Norway. Accepting the prize is Jan Eirik Hanssen, chief editor


14:40 - 16:00 Evolution or revolution?

Minor and continual newsroom adjustments may not be enough to stay ahead of the accelerating technology-driven change. Are more revolutionary changes to newsrooms, their boundaries and practices needed?  

Wolfgang Krach, Deputy Editor in Chief, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany

Is it time to rethink our newsrooms, yet again?

Raju Narisetti, Senior Vice President and Deputy Head of Strategy for News Corp, USA.

Reinventing the article: we're not printing digital newspapers

Anthony de Rosa, Editor-in-Chief, Circa, USA

Social media and predictive analytics in the newsroom of the future

Steffen Konrath, Managing Director, Editor-in-Chief, Liquid Newsroom, Germany

16:00 - 16:30  coffee break

16:30 - 17:30 Newsrooms of the future

Case studies from diverse newspapers:  how Editors are maximizing their resources to produce compelling, integrated content for different platforms.

Rob Montgomery, International Journalist, Germany

Integrated storytelling at Zeit online 

Jochen Wegner, Editor in Chief, Zeit Online, Germany

Reshaping the Independent’s newsrooms for TV

Chris Blackhurst, Group Content Director, The Independent, UK

Who needs a TV station?

Marc Jungnickel, Manager Web TV,, Germany


10:00- 11:00 Audience engagement

Getting and keeping audience is critical. But how much should you give away to grow your community? Some divergent and novel successful case studies to help you build your audience.

Peter Littger, PremiumMedia Content consulting, Germany

Rethinking Facebook,

Mariana Correa Esteves, Product Development Manager,, Brazil

Leandro Gejfinbein, Head of Market Intelligence and Analytics,, Brazil

Engaging Audiences from El Correo’s Information Kitchen

Diego Zúňiga García-Falces, Art Director, El Correo, Spain

The new journalistic long tail: creating a blog community in content websites

Grig Davidovitz, CEO, RGB Media, Israel

11:00 - 11:30  coffee break

11:30 - 13:00 Security and surveillance

The extent of national surveillance exposed by Edward Snowden poses a grave threat to journalism. How can journalists communicate and protect their sources and research in this digital world?

Galina Sidorova, Foundation for Investigative Journalism – Foundation 19/29, Russia

Surveillance: why editors need to stand together

Michael Jarlner,International Editor, Assisting Chief Editor, Politiken,Denmark

Staying below the radar

Alan Pearce, journalist, author, France

Alison Smale, Berlin Bureau Chief, The New York Times, Germany

Erik Bjerager, President World Editors Forum, Denmark

Panel discussion with leading editors

13:00 - 14:30 Lunch and Expo

14:30 – 15:00 The rise of sponsored content: is it journalism?

Corporate newsrooms are churning out content at an ever increasing rate and finding accommodation for their output on news websites. In a world where new revenue streams are critical, do we need to do more to distinguish journalism from sponsored or branded content?

Branded content

Ebele Wybenga, Journalist, author, The Netherlands

Panel discussion with leading editors

15:00 - 16:30  Re-engineering journalism

Journalism’s prospects look good, despite financial pressure on traditional newsrooms. A generation of young, digitally minded journalists are bringing a creative and can-do attitude to professional challenges. Hear how they are being trained and helping to invigorate newsrooms, bringing new levels of excellence to core digital storytelling.  

Kerry Northrup, Creator Newsplex, multimedia Professor Western Kentucky University, USA

Experimentation in newsrooms

George Brock, Professor and Head of Journalism, City University, UK

Fusion Journalists

Kerry Northrup, Creator Newsplex, multimedia Professor Western Kentucky University, USA

New wave storytellers

Mario Garcia, CEO and Founder, Garcia Media, USA: Hearst Digital Media Professor, Columbia University, USA

16:30 - 16:45  Engaging the Millennials

Aralynne McMane, Executive Director for young readership development, WAN-IFRA, France

“We want you” campaign

Anne Jacobsen, Chief Analyst, Amedia, Norway

16:45 - 17:30 Launch of Online Content Moderation report

Larry Kilman, Executive Director of Communications and Public Affairs, WAN-IFRA, France 

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