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11th International Newsroom Summit


11th International Newsroom Summit


11th International Newsroom Summit

Date and Location

  • 10 May 2012 - 11 May 2012

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Introduction to Event

WAN-IFRA will provide summaries of each speaker's presentation during the Newsroom Summit. For updates, visit the Editors Weblog.

Executive Summary

> A comprehensive Executive Summary of the Newsroom Summit is available to all WAN-IFRA members. Click here to access the Executive Summary of the event.

> Non-members can access an abbreviated version of the Summary in return for a tweet or a Facebook entry about the event. Click on the image below to send your tweet and download the abbreviated summary.




Smart strategies for tough times

Most newsroom executives are under intense pressure to cut costs while at the same time being asked to do more than ever before with limited resources.

Waves of change brought about by digital advancements continue to challenge the way content and editorial staff are managed. The result is an innovative breed of newsroom managers who have had to become organizational experts, workflow designers, teachers, revenue seekers, change drivers, professional standards setters and motivators. And they are doing all this with smaller budgets and while overseeing increasing and novel interaction with readers via social networks.

Join us in Hamburg to meet some of these innovators who have developed Smart strategies for tough times that enable them to continue to produce high quality content. Learn from their experiences, contribute to the critical conversations and take home tips on how to keep your newsroom vibrant, effective and affordable.


  • Cherilyn Ireton, Executive Director World Editors Forum, WAN-IFRA
    Cherilyn Ireton
    Executive Director World Editors Forum, WAN-IFRA

    Cherilyn Ireton heads up the World Editors Forum, the global network for editors within...


  • Anette Novak
    CEO, Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, Sweden (Moderator)
    CEO, Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, a research institute that conduct applied research on world...
  • Cherilyn Ireton
    Executive Director World Editors Forum, WAN-IFRA

    Cherilyn Ireton heads up the World Editors Forum, the global network for editors within...

  • Dr. Dietmar Schantin
    Founder and MD Institute for Media Strategies, U.K. and Austria

    Dr. Dietmar Schantin is known in the media industry as the innovator of a series of modern...

  • François Nel
    Founding Director, Journalism Leaders Programme at the University of Central Lancashire, UK

    François Nel is the founding director of the Journalism Leaders Programme at the University of...

  • Jan Helin
    Editor-in-Chief, Aftonbladet, Sweden

    Jan Helin has been editor-in-chief of Sweden's Aftonbladet since 2008. For the last three years...

  • Knut Engelmann
    Managing Editor of The Wall Street Journal Deutschland and Dow Jones Newswires, Germany

    Knut Engelmann is managing editor of The Wall Street Journal Deutschland - the Wall Street...

  • Lukas Maixner
    Co-Founder & General Manager Professional Service at Socialbakers, Czech Republic

    Lukas is General Manager and Co-founder of, the world's largest social media...

  • Margaret Boribon
    Secretary General, Copiepresse, Belgium
  • Mathias Müller von Blumencron
    Editor-in-Chief, Der Spiegel, Germany

    Mathias Müller von Blumencron has been one of the Editors-in-Chief of DER SPIEGEL since 2008, in...

  • Matt DeRienzo
    Connecticut Group Editor, Journal Register Company, USA

    Matt DeRienzo is Group Editor of Journal Register Company’s publications in Connecticut, which...

  • Meinolf Ellers
    Managing Director, dpa infocom, Germany

    Meinolf Ellers has been working for dpa since 1985 and is currently Managing Director of the...

  • Olivier Bourgeois
    CEO, World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers for French speaking countries (WAN-IFRA SWE)

    Olivier Bourgeois made the most of his career in newspaper groups: free press (Paru-Vendu),...

  • Peter Atkinson
    Editorial Consultant, Avusa group of newspapers in Johannesburg, South Africa

    Peter Atkinson is Editorial Consultant to the Avusa group of newspapers in Johannesburg - South...

  • Pierre Mauchamp
    Deputy Editor in Chief, La Voix du Nord, France

    Pierre Mauchamp is currently deputy editor in chief at La Voix du Nord, a regional paper in the...

  • William P. Davis
    Online Editor, Bangor Daily News, USA

    William P. Davis is online editor for the Bangor Daily News. Previous to joining the BDN,...

  • Wolfgang Blau
    Editor-in-Chief, ZEIT ONLINE, Germany

    Wolfgang Blau is Editor-in-Chief of ZEIT ONLINE, the sister publication of Die Zeit. Zeit Online...

  • Erik Bjerager
    Second Vice President World Editors Forum, Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director, Kristeligt Dagblad, Denmark

    In February 2011, Erik Bjerager, Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director of the Danish national...

  • Tomas Brunegård
    President, WAN-IFRA, Sweden

    Tomas Brunegård is the President of WAN-IFRA and former Chairman of the Board of Sweden's...

  • Lisa MacLeod
    Head of Digital, Times Media Group, South Africa

    Lisa MacLeod is Head of Digital at Times Media Group in South Africa. She was previously GM of...

11th International Newsroom Summit


The following sessions are planned:

  • Integration 4.0 – game changers, successes and future challenges on the digital express train
  • Dealing with the enemies of change in newsroom transformation
  • New jobs in the newsroom and the jobs you have never heard of but needed yesterday
  • Streamlining newsroom workflows for efficiency and savings
  • Is the subs room a legitimate target for cuts?
  • How the newsroom can become a revenue centre
  • Latecomers to multiplatform publishing may be the real winners


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