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On World Standards Day, Publiq sets a new standard with its revolutionary new remunerating publishing platform for creatives

On World Standards Day, Publiq sets a new standard with its revolutionary new remunerating publishing platform for creatives

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After more than two years in development, Publiq’s new publishing platform is now live and fully operational:

14.10.2019 – Anyone can open an account free of charge and start earning income from their creations within minutes. Content creators around the world can publish text, music or video and see payments automatically made into their accounts six times an hour, every ten minutes. These automatic payments continue to be made ad infinitum and individual users are never charged a fee for using the platform.

Payment amounts vary depending on a complex formula regulated by PUBLIQ's proprietary algorithms which assesses readership and influence. PUBLIQ's crypto currency token, the PBQ, can be exchanged on for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or fiat currencies, ie USD, etc. More exchange platforms are expected to list the PBQ in due course.

PUBLIQ encourages creators to come onboard to stimulate its ecosystem. 100% of the current advertising revenue is redistributed to creators.¹

¹ PUBLIQ is a non-profit international foundation established in 2017 and currently registered in Slovakia (EU).

PUBLIQ's content is stored on the Blockchain and cannot be modified. If users want to make edits, they can connect and stack a revised version above the original. There are no limits to the numbers of edits that can be made, but PUBLIQ permanently records each version.

PUBLIQ was originally designed to provide freelance journalists in countries under censorship with a secured publishing tool as well as a source of revenue. It has now evolved into a fully-fledged international publishing medium.

The core architecture² of its proprietary P2P network is built on PUBLIQ open protocol and consists of three main and interlinked layers: Blockchain, Distributed Storage (DS) and Channel. It enables a sustainable, self-sufficient ecosystem fueled by its own utility token, the PBQ.

The PUBLIQ network provides full protection of IP rights as well as protecting the identity of content creators. The fair distribution of total generated wealth, namely the advertising revenue and newly issued tokens, is linked to the lifetime reputation-stake of participants. The new tokens are mined according to a schedule and are included in the turnover generated by advertisers and other network participants.

The launch comes after many months of live experimentation on the ‘testnet’ - the development platform. Articles published on the testnet have been migrated to the ‘mainnet’ – the live platform - in draft form. Authors will choose whether they wish to republish them or not.

² Technical information about PUBLIQ Blockchain and original consensus mechanism can be found on Github: Further details are available in PUBLIQ’s White Paper which can be found on the foundation’s:

The open protocol also offers companies and institutions the possibility to build and operate their own independent channels within the PUBLIQ environment, with preferred business logic, content and revenue distribution models. Several major international companies such as ZDF/ARD (Tagesschau and Funke, Germany), Metropolis (Japan) and San Jose State University (USA) have opened or are currently testing their respective channels. Many more are preparing to join.

In March 2019, PUBLIQ was selected as a finalist by the United Kingdom’s All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG – House of Lords and House of Commons) on Blockchain to be part of its showcase of companies solving real-world problems with fully functioning Blockchain technology. Among the ten company and institution finalists, PUBLIQ won in the media category:

The creators of PUBLIQ are not aware of any equivalent platform worldwide or in history. They are also conscious that the platform enters a delicate phase until more advertising revenue is generated.

They are calling on existing media outlets for support in communicating the benefits of the platform. PUBLIQ are also asking content creators to act responsibly where the cashing of PBQs is concerned. As with Wikipedia, the project has been created for public benefit and needs both support and responsible behaviour.

On World Standards Day [14th October 2019], PUBLIQ sets a new standard for the Creative Industries.



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