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Further Resources, Global Campaigns and Background

Further Resources, Global Campaigns and Background

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  • Action - Eskinder and Ethiopia


Golden Pen of Freedom awarded to jailed Ethiopian journalist, 27 January 2014:

Golden Pen of Freedom site:

World’s Press calls for immediate release of Ethiopia’s jailed journalists, 7 February 2014:

Protest Campaign, Ethiopia, 31 January 2014:

WAN-IFRA and IPI report on Ethiopia to reform repressive anti-terror law, 20 January 2014:

Ruling by Ethiopia's Supreme Court in Eskinder Nega Case - Another Missed Opportunity: Joint statement by Freedom Now, Amnesty International, CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation, the Committee to Free Eskinder Nega, the East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, English PEN, the International Press Institute, the International Women's Media Foundation, Media Legal Defence Initiative, the National Press Club, PEN American Center, PEN Canada, and the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, 3 May, 2013:

WAN-IFRA Board Resolution on Ethiopia, 2 September 2012:

Protest Campaign regarding charges against Eskinder Nega, 27 June 2012:


  • External campaigns on Eskinder


Free Eskinder Nega:

“Your help matters. In September 2012, Ethiopia released two Swedish journalists, Johan Persson and Martin Schibbye, after 11 months in jail following a lengthy campaign by the Swedish government and free speech groups. Keep Eskinder a focal point of Ethiopia’s relations with Western donors.”


Facebook campaign Free Eskinder Nega:


Sign the Amnesty International Petition for Eskinder Nega’s release:


 PEN American Center - Defending Writers campaign:

PEN Take action and demand Eskinder’s immediate release:

International Political Forum. Write for Rights: Free Eskinder Nega:

Eskinder Nega and the struggle for independent media in Ethiopia: in Ethiopia


Ethiopia: Conviction of journalist on terror charges is a miscarriage of justice, Article 19, 27 Jun 2012:

Free Eskinder Nega! - Joint letter by William Easterly, Peter Godwin, Aryeh Neier, Kenneth Roth, and Joel Simon – August, 2012


The New York Review:


  • Audiovisual Material


PEN video on Eskinder Nega, winner of the PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award:


Eskinder Nega’s wife, Serkalem Fassil, speaks in Amnesty International’s campaign:

“Keep on campaigning for Eskinder and the other journalists in prison. Don’t ever say our efforts did not bring change. It will”


  • Campaigns on Ethiopia


PEN American Center, letter to Secretary of State John Kerry: Speak Up for Writers in Ethiopia, 29 April 2014:

#FreeZone9Bloggers, campaign on the arrest of 9 Ethiopian journalists/bloggers in April 2014:

CPJ - Ethiopia: Poison, Politics, and the Press, April 28, 2006:


Article 19 - Ethiopia: Zone 9 bloggers must be immediately and unconditionally released:

March 2010: Comment of Anti-Terrorism Proclamation, 2009, of Ethiopia:


  • International Institutional Statements


UN Statement - Ethiopia’s anti-terrorism laws must not be misused to curb rights 2 February 2012:

U.S. Department of State statement on Eskinder Nega’s conviction, 27 June 2012:

16 Members of the European Parliament call for the release of imprisoned Ethiopian journalist Eskinder Nega:

  • Anti-Terrorism Law and Press Freedom

WAN-IFRA and IPI report on Ethiopia to reform repressive anti-terror law, 20 January 2014:


The Vienna Declaration on Terrorism, Media and the Law, October 2009:

Over 30 IFEX members endorse Vienna Declaration calling on governments to respect media freedom in fight against terrorism, 30 November 2009:


UN Statement - Ethiopia’s anti-terrorism laws must not be misused to curb rights, 2 February 2012:

Ben Emmerson, Special Rapporteur on Counter-terrorism and Human Rights:

“The anti-terrorism provisions should not be abused and need to be clearly defined in Ethiopian criminal law to ensure that they do not go counter to internationally guaranteed human rights.”


March 2010, Comment of Anti-Terrorism Proclamation, 2009, Ethiopia:

Under Cover of Security, Governments Jail Journalists, by Monica Campbell:



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