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How to get involved

How to get involved

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Using the hashtag #FreethePress, we invite you to publicise their cases on your social media networks.

Every day between 4th April and 3rd May we will publish a profile of a journalist currently behind bars. We encourage you to use the hashtag #FreethePress to highlight their case, send a letter of protest to the relevant country, and generally spread the word about the plight of the hundreds of journalists currently in prison - and the threat this poses to press freedom worldwide.

Included in each profile will be suggested Tweets to highlight the case of that day's particular journalist. We invite you to share these Tweets, construct your own messages, and generally show your support for the featured journalists, and the many others in jail alongside them. The messages will simply call for their liberation.

Each profile will also include a short URL link to a protest letter outlining a call to the particular head of state for the release of that journalist, which can be sent via Twitter, email or included in other online media.

Use the Twitter wall function on the 30 Days for Freedom site to send directly to your Twitter account with the #FreethePress hashtag already in place - the suggestd Tweets for that day's journalist will be displayed directly above, so you can simply cut and paste into the pop-up window.

We hope that with concerted global pressure countries that prefer to jail journalists rather than promote a free press will take positive action in support of freedom of expression.


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