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Concentrating on regional strengths

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Concentrating on regional strengths

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Zeitungsverlag Aachen, Germany

08.07.13 - The “open-heart surgery” had a good outcome, and the new technology at Zeitungsverlag Aachen started to beat on schedule in the autumn of 2012. Mainly, the company sees the investment package of approximately Euro 20 million as an opportunity to position itself as a regional media house even more clearly.

By zoning its offering, Zeitungsverlag Aachen wants to tap into new revenue sources.

The editorial flagships of the media house are the Aachener Zeitung and the Aachener Nachrichten, which are published in 17 different local editions. Every day, an average of some 126,000 copies of both titles are sold, some 115,000 of them by subscription.

Thanks to the reduction from three to two newspaper presses, and thus to two mailroom lines, an enormous increase in efficiency has been achieved that, over the course of a year, adds up to a considerable sum in euros, says Commercial Manager Andreas Trossmann. The daily newspapers and advertising titles are set to profit from the change, and the company is now becoming an interesting partner in the contract printing area, too. When conceiving the mailroom, efficiency and dependability were the top priorities. The two mailroom lines can be run either online or offline, depending on the complexity of the product. In order to decouple the press and the mailroom, a four-station DiscPool was installed to ensure the required dependability plus high net output in the mailroom, even with complex production sequences.

By zoning its offering, Zeitungsverlag Aachen wants to tap into new revenue sources. Accordingly, the inserting options in the mailroom have been configured so that inserting can be split into smaller sections. Thanks to the RollStream precollecting system, up to ten supplements can be gathered and inserted using an MSD-C inserting drum. “As a regional newspaper publisher, we are concentrating on our strengths and pressing ahead with zoning. This is especially popular with our advertising titles”, explains Andreas Trossmann.



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