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Mobile News for Africa

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Mobile telephony is rapidly developing as the major communications platform in the developing world; this growth has been dramatic in Africa, with mobile penetration growing at rate of more that 70% per year. A mobile is not just a telephone; it is a global address, a transaction device, and an identity marker for hundreds of millions of people. This holds unprecedented opportunity for media in Africa to engage with citizens and provide interactive and customised news services.

WAN-IFRA's Mobile News for Africa project is testing, implementing and promoting innovative content production and delivery models through new technologies, accompanied with new business models for newspapers in emerging markets and developing democracies.

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2012 Participants and Project profiles:

Innovation Key to Kenya's Mobile Boom

From the epicentre of Africa's mobile boom, Dickens Onditi Olewe is forging new ways for Kenyans to interact with the media. Readers can now send in their own news reports on their cell phone to Star Reports – a citizen journalism application that integrates new voices into The Star's content.

African Media Development Turns Notion of Africa on its Head

“You can never have a conversation about Kenya these days without talking about the mobile revolution,” begins a recent op-ed column written by Dickens Olewe of The Star in Kenya, reflecting one of the most promising media development success stories on the continent.

Mobile Developments in Africa: Profiling Two of WAN-IFRA’s 2011 Mobile Grant Recipients

News organisations based in Kenya and Malawi are currently working with WAN-IFRA to further develop mobile technologies that will create a sustainable and profitable base for future independent journalism projects.

Mobile News For Africa Grant Scheme Launched

WAN-IFRA launches its 2012 Mobile News Grants and Training Scheme today (12 March), providing newspaper companies in Sub-Saharan Africa an opportunity to develop or expand their mobile platforms.


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