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The Peruvian group Epensa chooses Protecmedia to modernise its whole technological infrastructure

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The Peruvian group Epensa chooses Protecmedia to modernise its whole technological infrastructure

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21.03.11 - The Peruvian group Epensa, the main media group in Peru, has chosen to place its complete trust in Protecmedia with a view to modernising its technological infrastructure in all of the sectors that cover the production of its newspapers: editorial, archive, advertising, circulation, and so on. To this end, the group has purchased MILENIUM Cross Media, the editorial platform that covers all of the solutions that are used to manage these sectors, putting into place an ambitious large-scale project, which covers four of Epensa’s publications: Correo, Ojo, El Bocón and Ajá.

Due to this project, the four newspapers in the group have modern newsrooms in which the workflows are completely integrated, thus simplifying tasks and avoiding the undesired errors that typically arise when there are many intermediate points in the processes. This allows the different newspapers in the group to publish for both the print and online editions using a single work interface, which is another important aspect when simplifying all of these processes.

The integration of processes also affects another important area, namely advertising, making possible a much more efficient management of everything connected with the process, from the booking of an advertisement to its final publication. The same applies to another area, the archive, where professionals can access, quickly and simply, all of the group’s editorial assets for their use. In addition, archiving in a clear and orderly fashion all of the multimedia archives during the working day is also made an easy task.

With the same level of integration, Epensa has at its fingertips precise knowledge of all data concerning the circulation of its newspapers. Awareness of extremely important variables, such as sales outlets where all copies have been sold, or those with the greatest number of returns, leads to improved marketing. And ultimately, this means a highly efficient use of economic resources.



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2011-03-21 11:32

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