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Digital Information + Alwan = Innovative Standards Cooperation

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Digital Information + Alwan = Innovative Standards Cooperation

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Guaranteed conformance to ISO 12647 and G7 is now fully automated via cooperation between Digital Information's InkZone solution and Alwan’s Color Expertise – Rip-to-Press-to-Rip Closed-Loop-System

18.03.11 - Guaranteed and fully-automated ISO 12647-2 and G7 conformance will soon be easier than ever thanks to a new solution jointly-produced by Digital Information and Alwan Color Expertise. The new solution combines the two companies’ industry-leading software, Digital Information InkZone and Alwan Print Standardizer. The integration of the technologies into a single, unique and complete solution will enable users to print to standards, on every job, every day.

What it Does
Conformance with industry standards like ISO 12647 or processes like G7 has been accomplished by some of the larger and more advanced offset printers, but many shops are still not taking these straightforward steps to improve their operation’s productivity, profitability and marketability. Many of the industry’s printers believe that printing to standards is a tedious and costly process that is out of their grasp or beyond their capabilities.

This is precisely where the InkZone/Print Standardizer solution comes in. The cooperation was tailored to candidly deliver the benefits of standardization, without all of the mumbo-jumbo and rocket science.

The approach targets the key areas of standardization, focusing on printed solids, TVI (short for tone-value increase, also called dot gain), gray balance and mid-tone spread (a requirement intended to help maintain color balance).

The Digital Information + Alwan solution delivers this functionality in a fully-automated way based on the built-in print assessment and self-learning capability.

Digital Information’s InkZone closes the loop with the press, automatically adjusting the ink keys in order for the printed solids to match ISO or G7 aims. Meanwhile Alwan’s Print Standardizer closes the loop with the RIP, automatically adjusting compensation curves to achieve values for TVI, NPDC (Neutral Print Density Curves – an alternative to TVI for setting balanced tone curves for black and cyan, magenta, yellow) and mid-tone spread to match ISO. Combining both systems gives printers a unique, fully-automated, instrument-to-RIP-to-press-to-RIP closed-loop system; therefore, enabling any printer to easily produce ISO 12647/G7-compliant jobs without interruption.

The combined Digital Information and Alwan solution is automated, customizable and easy to use. It is the only solution that provides a fully-automated means to print practically every production sheet to ISO 12647-2 standards and to prove it, thanks to the solution’s integrated production conformance reports.

Feel free to download the combined Alwan and Digital Information brochure (PDF) from

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2011-03-21 09:44

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