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Investments are a clear signal to customers

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Investments are a clear signal to customers

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Sigraf, Treviglio, Italy

24.02.11 - The longstanding Italian company is upgrading from belt conveyors to Ferag grippers. But the main message behind the mailroom investments is to send out a clear signal: the contract printer wants to make a fast and flexible response to future demands from its customers. CEO Goffredo Signorelli is thinking ahead and already anticipating the coming requirements. Accordingly, he can integrate additional components seamlessly into the present configuration. So if customers such as publishers want to add value and secure success on the basis of new processing and advertising options, nothing should stand in their way.

He is striving to maintain long-term partnerships, Goffredo Signorelli can confirm. And he has opted for Ferag because he is convinced about the efficiency of the installations. To start with, in addition to the new conveyor, Ferag has installed MultiStack bundling in Treviglio. But it won’t stop there. This once modest printer of books has developed systematically over the years: founded in 1939, the first web press was inaugurated in1975; 1991 saw the installation of a new press which was eventually replaced by the current MAN in 2007 – itself upgraded by a further printing tower in the summer of 2010. Since then, Sigraf has been printing 64 newspaper pages in four colours. Sigraf was also the first printer in Italy to introduce CTP (Computer to Plate). So when Goffredo Signorelli chooses an extendable configuration, it can be assumed that sooner or later he’ll make use of the option to integrate further modules.



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2011-03-14 15:00

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