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Developments in Colour Management

Developments in Colour Management

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A WAN-IFRA Special Report on recent changes in colour for the news media will be published soon.

Over the last decade, there have been many developments in our understanding of colour vision that have resulted in changes in how we measure and manage colour across a wide range of media. These changes are also reflected in the revisions to the international standards for our industry. While many of these advances may seem incremental rather than monumental, such progress is typical of modern technology – constantly changing and evolving.

A WAN-IFRA Special Report on recent changes in colour for the news media includes developments in the areas of:

- Colour measurement

- Colour spaces

- Colour originals and methods used in testing for improvements

- Colour difference formulae

- ICC colour management

- Lighting and viewing conditions

- Colour- and image appearance models

- Colour communication and image metadata

- Imaging

- Display technology

- Process control

The end result of this new knowledge and technology is a fully optimised colour system and better colour.


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2011-01-20 14:54

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